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Warzone Rebirth Island: How to Open Golden Vault

The latest Warzone Rebirth Island Season 2 update introduced a brand new Golden Vault easter egg for players. Here’s how you can unlock them.

The most recent Warzone Rebirth Island Season 2 Reloaded update introduced players to three Golden Vaults but with no means to open them.

To open these vaults players had to collect $40 trillion in games of Blood Money. A feat that was finally reached today!

But this doesn’t mean that any Golden Vault will just open magically by itself. Players will need to do a few things before they can enter one.

Here’s everything we know about entering the Golden Vault in Warzone Rebirth Island Season 2 Reloaded.

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Golden Vault Warzone

Warzone Rebirth Island Season 2: Golden Vault Code & Rewards

To enter the Golden Vault in Warzone Rebirth Island, players will need to obtain a code and enter it at the Golden Vault.

First players will need to make their way to Prison Block and find a total of 6 remotes. Interact with each of them. They will activate one of the televisions on the second floor of the prison.

Call of Duty Remote

Once they are all activated the phone will ring. Answer the phone and a voice on the other line will read a code off to you.

Write this code down and then head to one of the Golden Vaults.

You will be able to find a Golden Vault in these three locations:

  • In the lower level of the Nova 6 Factory
  • In the Middle of Docks and Bioweapons Lab, facing the sea
  • On the side of the cliff facing the sea near Stronghold and Living Quarters

Once you are at one of these locations you will need to input the code that you received from the phone and you will be able to enter the Golden Vault. Inside you will find plenty of money and items.

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Call of Duty Code

There has been no blueprint confirmed as of yet.

Check out Geeky Pastimes‘s full run-through of the complete Easter Egg for an inside look at the Golden Vault!

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