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Warzone Rebirth Island Golden Vaults Could Open Today

It looks like the Golden Vaults on Warzone’s Rebirth Island could finally open today – here’s when everyone will be rushing to get in!

The Golden Vaults on Rebirth Island are one of the biggest mysteries in Warzone right now. However, what’s inside won’t be a mystery for much longer.

The Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update added 3 Golden Vaults to Rebirth Island but they have been closed ever since then.

Although players have been busy completing the new Rebirth Island Easter Egg to get a free loadout, they are still wondering about what is inside these bunkers.

Luckily, it looks like the Golden Vaults could open as soon as later today. Here’s exactly when you need to keep an eye out!

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Warzone Golden Vault

When Will the Rebirth Island Golden Vaults Open in Warzone?

Warzone’s Golden Vaults will open when players have collected $40 trillion in games of Blood Money on Rebirth Island. Here’s when players should reach this goal!

Despite Battle Pass XP not tracking properly in Warzone, many players have still been dropping into Blood Money to collect cash and reach the final goal.

And, according to YouTuber Geeky Pastimes, the Golden Vaults in Warzone are on track to open today, April 11!

He has been keeping track of the progress players have been making toward this milestone. At this rate, the player base should reach $40 trillion collected today.

Unlike the “fake” Rebirth Reinforced kill counter, this challenge actually seems to be tracking correctly!

Warzone Rebirth Community Challenge Golden Vaults

The rough time the Golden Vaults on Rebirth Island will open, according to Geeky Pastimes is at 3 PM – 6 PM GMT / 10 AM – 1 PM EST on April 11. Therefore, you’ll want to stay vigilant around these times as the doors could open at any moment!

Also, use the best weapon loadout to dominate Rebirth Reinforced. You’ll need it if you want to fight your way into Warzone’s Golden Vaults!

Players will be hoping for something great inside these Golden Bunkers as it looks like this will be the climax of Season 2. After all, Warzone Pacific Season 3’s start date is right around the corner!

In other news, the Warzone developers have revealed why there’s no FOV slider on consoles. This won’t go down well with fans who are desperate for this feature.

Additionally, Verdansk won’t be returning to Warzone. It’s not a major surprise but fans will still be disappointed with this news.

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Monday 11th of April 2022

I've collected all the blood money and unlocked the fault you need an access card almost like the Easter egg room so I'm on a mission to find something similar to the old Easter egg to complete the third golden door


Monday 11th of April 2022

Done went to vault asked me for key code

Monday 11th of April 2022

I completed it went to vault door asks me for key code?