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Warzone Rebirth Island Glitch Gives Free Wallhacks In-Game

There’s nothing worse than playing a battle royale game against a bunch of hackers. But it’s equally bad when your game of Rebirth Island gives a Warzone player free wallhacks, even when they’re not cheating.

It seems that Raven Software really needs to pay more attention to its Rebirth Island map, as Warzone players are discovering a way to get free wallhacks in-game.

When spawning into the mini battle royale map, some users report an odd issue with the game’s textures. And it’s leading to quite the advantage in-game.

rebirth island
(Source: Activision)

Of course, some fans claim that Warzone wallhackers are in every game of the battle royale. But it seems that it’s not always a player’s fault that they can see you through walls.

In the past, we’ve seen Warzone give out free wallhacks to one player in particular – but never on this level.

Warzone’s Rebirth Island Is Broken Thanks to Free Wallhacks

When entering a game of Rebirth Island, players are noticing a glitch that appears to be giving out wallhacks free.

Even innocent players are experiencing wallhacks, thanks to a new glitch on Warzone’s Rebirth Island map. More than just a handful of players appear to be encountering the texture bug, which removes certain items from a player’s game.

Most notably, this includes the Warzone plane that drops off players at the beginning of the game, but it also leads to certain walls being completely missing. In the past, even certain Rebirth Island players have been able to turn invisible!

Rebirth Island Invisible Wall Glitch
(Source: Kesztrel)

YouTuber Kesztrel shows off this bizarre wallhack glitch in an upload, and the bug clearly provides a few advantages. In one example, the user spots some useful loot in a nearby bunker, despite being in the next building over.

In another example, the player notices an enemy in a nearby room, thanks to being able to see through an entire staircase. It looks like we can add this new issue to Warzone’s insanely-long bug list.

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Warzone’s Rebirth Island Glitch Isn’t All Good

It’s not an entirely helpful Warzone bug, however, as the Rebirth Island wallhack glitch also prevents the player from seeing the incoming gas. What’s more, their heartbeat sensor is invisible and, very strangely, their usually quiet crossbow sounds like an unsilenced sniper rifle.

Rebirth Island Free Wallhacks
(Source: Kesztrel)

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Still, Kesztrel and his team are able to win, in no small part due to their free Wallhacks in-game. The user claims that they felt bad attaining victory with their advantages, but confirms they did nothing to receive them.

We are inclined to believe them, particularly as this Warzone Rebirth Island glitch has allowed players easy wins in the past.

Rebirth Island is also a notoriously buggy map, with certain Warzone loadout drops have been landing in the sea. Hopefully, the next map is far better-optimized, especially since leaks suggest the new Warzone map will have more players and POIs.

Want to see our first image of the new Warzone map? We’ve also got a sneak preview of the new map for Cold War Zombies right here!

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