Warzone has been host to plenty of fun and interesting modes over the years, but Rebirth Island After Dark is a little too dark.

It’s time for a new Warzone update, and Rebirth Island After Dark has finally arrived. The name game mode brings back a nighttime setting to the beloved Resurgence map, but the mode is already facing criticism.

Many fans are just happy to have Rebirth Island back in rotation, after the map keeps leaving in favor of Fortune’s Keep and other playlists. Now, the mini BR arena is back, but someone has turned out the lights.

We’ve had a night version of Rebirth Island before, but no variants that were as dark as this. And until the mode leaves next week, fans are turning up their brightness settings just to be able to see what’s going on.

Rebirth Island After Dark Teaser

What Is Rebirth Island After Dark Mode?

Rebirth After Dark is a limited-time Warzone mode that runs from September 2-4, allowing players to battle it out on Rebirth Island at night.

The mode replaces the existing Rebirth Island playlist, a move that is proving to be quite unpopular given that it’s too dark to see anything right now.

Rebirth Island Is Too Dark, Fans Complain

The new Rebirth Island from the After Dark playlist is causing some complaints after fans discover that the map is darker than ever.

Although we’ve seen a night variant of Rebirth Island in the Nuking of Verdansk, this time around the visibility is at an all-time low.

“I get it that the devs want to introduce something new and unique. But man, you cannot see anything in this map!” Reddit user onekilo writes.

The added darkness also seems to be leading to an uptick in campers, as players lurk in the shadows and wait to catch their enemies unaware.


It’s unlikely that Raven Software will make any changes to the mode, especially with its limited lifespan. But we’d hope that we’ve not seen the last of a good night version of Rebirth Island, particularly with Warzone 2’s release date just around the corner.

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