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Warzone Realism BR Game Mode May Have No SBMM, Claims JGOD

The returning Realism BR game mode in Warzone might actually have no skill-based matchmaking. Here’s why JGOD thinks this is the case.

SBMM, or skill-based matchmaking, is always contentious for Warzone players. While some players benefit from playing in lobbies of similarly skilled opponents, many top players hate the system.

This is because it makes every Warzone match highly competitive, taking the fun away.

And while some players may use a VPN to get easy Warzone lobbies, others don’t want to. Luckily, JGOD believes that the Realism BR game mode in Warzone has no SBMM – check out his observations below.

But first, make sure to find out exactly how SBMM changes lobby difficulty in Warzone.


Does Warzone Realism BR Have SBMM?

Unfortunately, the latest Warzone update removed the much-loved Iron Trials ’84 game mode, that players wanted to stay forever. However, it seems to have replaced it with a different game mode with no SBMM, if JGOD is correct.

Warzone expert JGOD posted a clip to Twitter of him spectating other players in the new Realism BR Mode. This gameplay made him come to the conclusion that there is no SBMM in the game mode.

While not a pro, JGOD is still a top-level Warzone player and, therefore, should be put in highly-skilled lobbies by SBMM. However, the players he spectated were far from that.

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Not only did the Realism BR players have terrible aim and no game awareness, but their weapon builds were awful. JGOD called this the “bottiest lobby” and concluded that there was no SBMM or not enough players for SBMM to work.

Maybe he could have used the new Warzone stats tracker app to see the lobby difficulty.

While this is not confirmed, it certainly seems like Realism BR in Warzone will give you an easy lobby. So why not give it try next time you boot up Warzone?

This hasn’t been the only case of a Warzone game mode seemingly having no skill-based matchmaking either. JackFrags claimed that Warzone’s Verdansk Resurgence game mode had no SBMM too.

Meanwhile, the Cold War and Warzone Season 6 Roadmap has been revealed. There is plenty of exciting content to look forward to, but players are most excited by all of the new Verdansk map changes in Season 6.

What’s more, the leaked Warzone Halloween event will feature a horror icon. Rumors suggest that players that pre-order Vanguard will get a Ghostface operator skin.

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