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Game-Breaking Warzone RC-XD Glitch Leaves Players Stuck

A major glitch with the RC-XD is completely ruining games of Warzone!

Killstreaks are one of the most powerful items you can pick up in Warzone. Whether its a Cluster Strike, UAV, or even the overpowered Combat Bow, players always want to get their hands on them.

However, one that players usually forget about is the RC-XD. The small remote-controlled car can drive up to payers from far away and blow them to smithereens, but there’s a major problem with it.

You should definitely avoid using the RC-XD until Raven fixes this game-breaking Warzone glitch!

Warzone RC-XD

Warzone RC-XD Bug Is Freezing Players

Warzone has plenty of glitches at the moment. Whether it’s the double riot shield glitch that is making players bulletproof or an extremely frustrating bug that is wrongly kicking players for inactivity, it seems like every player has experienced some kind of problem.

Now, a new video shows that Warzone players are also experiencing an annoying glitch with the RC-XD killstreak.

The clip, shared by Redditor u/Dinosaursweed shows them piloting an RC-XD towards an enemy, before it gets shot. Then, instead of the player leaving the tablet which is controlling the now destroyed RC car, they are stuck staring at a completely blank screen.

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They can’t do anything to get out of this and eventually die in the gas. It’s strange that this happens regularly when an RC-XD gets destroyed, but Warzone players have been suffering from this RC-XD glitch since the start of Season 4.

Hopefully, Raven Software fixes this in the next Warzone update because it has been a problem for long enough already.

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In addition to annoying glitches like this RC-XD one, Warzone has been plagued by cheaters. Hacks are getting worse and worse in Warzone Season 4.

Players on PlayStation and Xbox can now download Warzone cheats too. The problem is only going to keep getting worse.

However, NICKMERCS has an explanation for the sharp increase in Warzone cheating. It’s surprising but definitely possible

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