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Warzone Ranked Battle Royale Mode Is Coming, Teases Leakers

It seems that Ranked Warzone game modes could be coming after all, according to new leaks.

Lately, fans are becoming increasingly aware of just how ‘sweaty’ Warzone is becoming. It seems that players are playing every game as if it’s the grand finals of a major tournament, and casual fans are suffering because of it.

In fact, recently we reported that Warzone is a nightmare for casual players, and things desperately need to change. Now, it looks as though a solution is on the horizon.

Warzone players have been calling for a ranked playlist to fix SBMM problems for some time now. The idea here is that hardcore players would likely prefer to improve their rank and strive to improve, leaving casual fans in a more chilled-out lobby.

(Source: Activision)

Here’s why Warzone NEEDS a Ranked game mode soon. And leaks suggest it’s actually going to get one in an upcoming patch.

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Warzone Ranked Mode Leaks

Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of teases for a Warzone Ranked mode by established leakers.

Could Warzone Ranked mode finally be on the horizon? It seems that a lot of known leakers believe the game mode is finally about to arrive.

Both ModernWarzone and TheMW2Ghost have accurately reported on upcoming Warzone features in the past. And it appears that they’re attempting one more prediction with the reveal of Ranked Warzone coming soon.

According to TheMW2Ghost, the phrase “Unable to join game – the skill difference is too big” may be present in the game files now.

And if this proves to be correct, it likely means that players won’t be able to partner up with friends if their ranks are too far apart – at least in the Warzone Ranked mode.

Dataminer TheGhostOfHope also had something to say on the topic. According to the Cheezburgerboyz member, Warzone’s new Iron Trials mode is “a precursor to Ranked Warzone”.

It appears that Activision may be testing the waters for its more serious game mode already. And if this is the case, we might not be waiting long to see Ranked Warzone arrive in-game.

Interestingly, fans believe that Warzone streamers get easy lobbies with no SBMM. And it seems that it’s already possible to use a Warzone VPN to avoid SBMM and get easy games.

In case you missed it, we also got a big leak about Warzone Season 6 adding Mason to the game! But that’s not all the new update has to offer…

We imagine if Ranked mode really does arrive soon, it’ll be coming alongside the new Warzone Pacific map.

But there are already some major problems with Warzone’s new Vanguard map!

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