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Warzone – Are The Raider Stock & Pad Attachments Still Worth Using?

The Raider Stock and Raider Pad attachments used to be overpowered in Warzone, but have the recent changes ruined them?

Movement speed is one of the most important stats in Warzone. Therefore, players often equip attachments to ensure their movement speed is as fast as possible.

One of the best attachments to increase mobility in Warzone was the final stock for all of the Cold War guns. This is either the Raider Stock or Raider Pad, depending on what weapon it is.

However, recent changes have nerfed how effective these attachments are. Are they still worth using?

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Raider Pad Warzone

Raider Stock Nerf in Warzone

During Season 2 and at the beginning of Season 3 of Warzone, the double assault rifle meta was a major problem. Players were running two assault rifles because you could equip attachments that made some ARs handle as quickly as SMGs.

This led to Warzone players complaining about the overpowered movement speed of Cold War rifles.

However, Warzone developer Raven Software promptly released a huge weapon balancing patch soon after. This significantly reduced how effective the attachments were.

But should you still put the Raider Stock or Raider Pad on your favorite Warzone weapons?

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Raider Stock Warzone

Stock Attachment Stats After Nerf

The Raider Stock and Raider Pad in Warzone have has two major stats changed – the ADS movement speed and ADS shooting movement speed. YouTuber Xclusive Ace has tested the changes to decide whether the attachments are still worth using or not.

The first change was that the increase to ADS movement speed was reduced from 40% to 35%. This is fairly insignificant because it is still a great increase.

However, the ADS shooting movement speed was nerfed to the ground. Before the update, it increased ADS firing speed by a massive 215%, but post-patch this is just 10%.

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This makes the Raider Stock and Raider Pad in Warzone nowhere near as overpowered as they used to be. Despite this, Xclusive Ace still says the increased ADS movement speed can make them useful attachments for close-range ARs.

For instance, the Raider Stock is perfect for a gun like this OP XM4 loadout in Warzone Season 3.

What do you think of the Raider Stock changes in Warzone and will you still be using it? Are you enjoying the best new meta SMG loadouts that are viable because of these changes?

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Finally, Warzone might be coming to mobile devices soon. How do you feel about dropping into Verdansk while you’re on the go?

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