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Warzone Radiation Zones Lead to Legit Infinite Stim Tactic

Warzone has new Radiation Zones spicing up the Verdansk map, but they’re leading to a new type of Infinite Stim in-game.

Warzone’s Infinite Stim glitch is the battle royale’s most notorious issue. In case you somehow missed all six or so occasions in which the bug appeared, the issue consists of a player being able to use tactical equipment an infinite number of times.

Partner this up with the Stim equipment and you’ve got a recipe for surviving in the gas endlessly. And of course, Warzone cheaters use this to get free wins as their opponents die to the zone.

warzone Infinite Stim
(Source: Activision)

But now, another legitimate Infinite Stim tactic is being discovered, thanks to Warzone’s new Radiation Zones.

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How to Survive Warzone’s Radiation Zones with Infinite Stims

According to new reports, Warzone’s Radiation Zones are now allowing players to use a new kind of Infinite Stim glitch.

This time, however, the tactic is perfectly legitimate and isn’t a glitch or a cheat whatsoever. Due to the incredibly slow speed that Warzone players die to the Radiation Zones, it’s possible to survive for a very long time.

Amazingly, there’s even a way to turn into a zombie in Warzone’s Radiation Zones now!

However, if you want to instead stall out a victory, using a Stim tactical will allow you to replenish your health completely. Then, by running around the Prison area, players have discovered that it’s possible to stay alive near enough indefinitely.

warzone stim
(Source: Activision)

In the clip below, one user finds several Stims to use, both in loadouts and around the map in loot chests. So long as the final circle is near this area, you could even get a win this way.

Thankfully, the chances of the final circle being in Prison or Shipwreck isn’t too high. And if you’re forced into the area, bringing a Gas Mask reportedly helps with surviving the game’s radiation.

Things are about to get more radioactive in Warzone too, as a Radiation Counter is in the game. We imagine that all of the areas where zombies were present will soon begin to have similar spikes.

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But this isn’t Warzone’s biggest issue right now either. After all, the new Warzone Sykov is the most broken gun ever, and everyone’s running it today.

Here’s the best full-auto akimbo Sykov loadout in Warzone, to help you keep up with the competition. After all, even analyst JGOD confirms that Warzone players should ‘expect to lose’ when not running the meta.

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