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Warzone Pros Smash the Quads World Record in a Bronze 1 Lobby

There’s a new World Record for Warzone Quads, but some fans are taking issue with the insane victory.

When a Warzone player sets a new World Record, it’s only a matter of time before someone else comes along and beats you. That might not happen this time.

After an incredible game of Warzone, these four pros have upstaged the rest of the community for good. And we can’t see anyone rising to the challenge of taking them down.

aydan call of duty warzone
(Source: Aydan)

In a team led by pro player Aydan, ScummN, Almxnd, and Newbz set the Warzone Quads World Record with a staggering 162 kills between them.

But some fans are quick to point out that the users appear to have accomplished this feat in a Bronze 1 lobby. In the past, we’ve seen Warzone streamers manipulating SBMM for easy lobbies, making this a suspicious game for sure.

Warzone Quads New World Record – 162 Kills

The new Warzone Quads World Record is a whopping 162 kills. Considering that there’s only a maximum of 152 players in a game of Warzone, that means that Aydan and the team killed the majority of players in the game at least once each.

Several users were also allowed to respawn, only to die again at the hands of the new World Record holders. But many users are pointing fingers at the Bronze 1 lobby that the users were playing in as being the sole reason for this new record.

Thanks to an SBMM-tracking Warzone site, we can see that the lobby the users were playing in was full of the bottom 20% of the game’s player base. The average KD for a player in this lobby was 0.89, even with this impressive team bringing up the figure.

Want to check your own Warzone SBMM? Here’s how to do it!

Even the team that came in second place had just 2 kills between them.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the users shredded through the game, but it’s still an incredibly impressive pace to keep.

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Although some claim that the users were manipulating the Warzone SBMM system to give themselves an easier lobby, we’re not so sure. After all, JGOD points out that playing for 10 hours a day will eventually get you queuing into easier lobbies.

This certainly isn’t the only time that Warzone fans have accused record breakers of cheating SBMM though.

Warzone Quads World Record Aydan
(Source: SBMMWarzone)

If you want to beat Warzone’s SBMM and get easy games, we have a strategy to help you do just that.

To compete with scores like this, you’ll need Warzone’s best guns in Season 2 – and then some pro-level skills. Right now, it seems that the battle royale is being dominated by Warzone’s overpowered AUG meta, and players aren’t happy.

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Friday 5th of March 2021

This is a b.s. record! With a team kd of 5.285 and they are in a bronze lobby is b.s!!! The lobby average kd was 0.89, with their kd's bringing it way up. This is why your "average" player is leaving the game! I have a .63 kd and I'm out in platinum lobbies, where the average kd is over 1.0. the game isn't even fun at that point anymore