Warzone players hopping on to experience the new playlist update will be met with the brand-new Fort Resurgence mode.

The game’s playlists are updated weekly and occur at the same time each week. There can be a mix of modes, and squad size changes every update.

This week’s focus is the new Resurgence map as Al Bagra Fortress is transformed into a 40-man battle royale experience.

Warzone Playlist Update Week of September 6, 2023

The Warzone playlist for September 6, 2023 is as follows:

ModeMapSquad Size
Battle RoyaleAl Mazrah
Solos (Al Mazrah)
Duos (Vondel)
Trios (Vondel)
Rotation BR Quads Al Mazrah
Quads (Both Maps)
ResurgenceAl Bagra FortressQuads
Rotation Resurgence Ashika Island
Solos (Both Maps)
Duos (Both Maps)
Trios (Both Maps)
Armored Royale 2.0 Al MazrahQuads
PlunderAl MazrahQuads
RankedAl MazrahTrios

Fort Resurgence Added in Warzone Playlist Update

Call of Duty previously delayed Fort Resurgence for a week, but it has now been added to the Warzone playlists.

Playlist updates for the game typically occur at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST. However, this update arrived an hour later.

This was likely due to an issue Raven Software said they had encountered.

You can find this mode in the main menu of Warzone under the featured category. Due to its smaller map size, only 40 players will be active.

Additionally, this mode is only available in the Quads format. There could be other squad sizes arriving in the future, but at the moment Quads is the only way to play Al Bagra Resurgence.

New Resurgence mode location in Warzone
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