Every Wednesday, the Warzone Playlist undergoes an update, introducing a combination of squad types and map choices.

These updates trigger a rollercoaster of emotions among fans – excitement or disappointment – as they are left with specific options on what they can play.

With three active Warzone maps and only a handful of spots on the playlist, it is always likely some players will miss out on their cherished map-and-squad-size combinations, which currently seems to be the case.

No Vondel Resurgence In Warzone Playlist Update

In the latest Warzone Playlist Update on August 16, the map Vondel doesn’t have a dedicated playlist. The current Warzone Resurgence playlist consists of the following modes:

  • Rotation Resurgence (Ashika Island & Vondel)
    • Solos
    • Duos
    • Trios
    • Quads

Both small Battle Royale maps, Ashika Island and Vondel, are available for play in the Rotation Resurgence mode. These maps switch dynamically every 15 minutes within the game.

This means that if players want to play on a specific map, they may have to wait 15 minutes for the map to return to the rotation.

Resurgence modes in Warzone Playlist Update

This marks the second week where the Warzone playlists have not featured a Vondel Resurgence mode.

In the week of August 9, 2023, the Resurgence playlist was:

  • Rotation Resurgence (Ashika Island & Vondel)
    • Solos
    • Duos
    • Trios
  • Resurgence (Ashika Island)
    • Quads

Fans Upset At Lack of Vondel Resurgence in Warzone Playlist Update

Warzone players with a strong affinity for the Vondel map are experiencing disappointment due to the absence of a dedicated playlist in the latest update.

Those who are fond of Vondel are expressing dissatisfaction since they do not want to engage with Ashika Island in the Rotation Resurgence playlist.

Presently, the only avenue to encounter Vondel Resurgence is through the rotation playlist,

This gamer can’t believe a Vondel Resurgence playlist has not been added to the game.

Another player describes it as being an “L update.”

Meanwhile, this player is unhappy that they are forced to play Ashika Island if they play Resurgence.

This Call of Duty gamer has even stated that Rotation Resurgence is unnecessary within the game.

Typically, Raven Software posts the forthcoming playlists on their Warzone Trello Board. However, currently, they haven’t made any updates.

We’ll have to wait and see when the dedicated Vondel Resurgence playlist makes a comeback, but when it does, it’s bound to be warmly received by the fan community.

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