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Warzone Players Want Zombie Royale to be a Permanent Addition

The latest Warzone event has only just begun and players already want Zombie Royale to be a permanent addition to the game.

The Haunting of Verdansk is finally here, and Infinity Ward aims to redeem itself for Season 6’s less-than-exceptional performance. It seems that the company might have managed to accomplish this effort, as Warzone fans are loving the new additions to the game.

Already, players on the Warzone subreddit are calling for the new zombie-themed battle royale to stay indefinitely. As it stands, Zombie Royale and the Haunting of Verdansk update are set to expire in just two weeks.

What Is Warzone’s Zombie Royale?

In Zombie Royale, players that die will no longer head to the Gulag. Instead, they will rise as members of the undead.

Zombie Royale
(Source: Activision)

150 players head into Verdansk’s new nighttime version, where undead hordes await them. The last squad left with men alive is the winner.

As a zombie, players can hunt and take down enemy teams with a range of supernatural abilities. Doing so will allow the undead to respawn as a member of the living again.

Zombies can jump incredibly far, EMP blast to disorientate enemies, and throw gas grenades at living players. They are also completely immune to the incoming gas ring.

Warzone Players Want Zombie Royale to Stay

Despite the event having only been around for a matter of hours, players are growing attached quickly. A handful of posts are already appearing on the Warzone subreddit, with players begging Infinity Ward to permanently keep the mode.

“This is seriously the most fun I’ve had on any game in many years, and I can tell by death comms that other people feel the same way…” one Reddit user writes.

warzone trick or treat zombies royale
(Source: Activision)

“Activision, you did a great job with this and I’d hate to see such great work be tossed after October (November). I think all of us can agree that this mode is very refreshing and fun solo or as a group!”

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It’s unlikely that Zombie Royale will stick around after Halloween, but that doesn’t mean this is the last we’ll see of Warzone’s zombie hordes. After all, Black Ops Cold War is set to connect with Warzone soon, and Treyarch is known for its zombie modes.

Perhaps when Black Ops Cold War’s map arrives in Warzone, zombies will make their return. Players should enjoy the mode while they can, though, as past requests have fallen on deaf ears.

In particular, last week, Warzone players called for a return to Armored Royale. Sadly, we’re yet to see the epic truck-based combat appear on the menus once again.

In other undead news, one player might have already found the easiest way to win Warzone’s Zombie Royale.

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