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Warzone Players Want to Save Custom Mods for Cold War Guns

Warzone players are fed up with changing their attachments for Cold War guns all the time and want to save custom mods.

Warzone has plenty of guns and even more attachments. However, the number of custom loadouts you can save is only 10.

This means that players have to reshuffle their loadouts pretty frequently.

Doing this with Modern Warfare guns is easy in Warzone because you can save your custom mods and select them when you make a new class. However, you can't do this with Cold War guns, so you have to manually select the attachments every time.

Warzone Save Custom Mod

Players Want to Save Cold War Weapon Attachments in Warzone

Warzone player Jeroenm20 posted on Reddit complaining about the state of loadouts with Cold War guns in Warzone. Many Warzone players agree with him and, therefore, want to be able to save their custom mods for Cold War weapons.

This is an especially annoying issue for many as the secret Agency Suppressor buff means that players will have to change their loadouts again.

Commenter 'prodical' also says "I can't believe this is still not fixed/ added. it's been 3 months" and many players agree with him. It is strange that loadouts are such an important part of Warzone, but players still can't save custom mods for Cold War weapons.

best AUG setup Warzone

Cold War guns like the FFAR, MAC-10, and AUG are some of the most popular guns in the game at the moment. Be sure to check out our best loadouts for these weapons:

Hopefully, Warzone developer Raven will add the ability to save custom mods for Cold War guns in an upcoming update. However, nothing has been said about it so far.

Jeroenm20 Reddit

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