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Warzone Players Want This Overpowered Gun Nerfed

This Warzone gun is so overpowered that solo players can take down whole squads.

The new king of Warzone shreds through everything, and it’s not even a primary weapon. Some players now use this sidearm as their main gun, with devastating effect.

The gun in question is just a standard pistol, but it has an attachment that makes it overpowered.


What Is the Most Overpowered Gun in Warzone?

The burst-fire Diamatti pistol has a frankly insane time-to-kill and it is becoming increasingly popular in Warzone. The gun by itself is good, but one specific attachment makes it amazing.

The dual-wield attachment lets players carry a Diamatti in each hand. This lets players fire two simultaneous, and very deadly, three-round bursts.

Diamatti OP in Warzone

Wiping a whole four man squad is almost unheard of in Warzone, but the overpowered Diamatti pistols make it easy. They are practically unbeatable up close.

Pulling the trigger on both guns at the same time unleashes a hail of six bullets which can kill enemies immediately.

Should Diamatti Dual-Wield be Nerfed?

Sidearms shouldn’t be more powerful than primary weapons and this is why so many players are angry about the gun. As the gun becomes more and more popular, expect to see more gameplay like this.

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It is then, surely, only a matter of time before Raven get involved and nerf the gun. For now, it remains overpowered, so you may as well use it while it lasts.

NiezLA Reddit

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