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Warzone Players Want To Save Custom Mods for Vanguard Weapons

Warzone players are tired of changing their attachments for Vanguard weapons and not being able to save custom mods.

With the release of Call of Duty Vanguard last year, the game also integrated with Warzone. And brought with it tons of weapons and exciting new changes.

But it seems the honeymoon period is over as Warzone Twitch viewers are plummeting despite the constant updates.

While the game is far from being perfect right now, there’s one thing that players have been demanding for a while, that is the ability to save custom mods for Vanguard weapons.

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warzone save custom loadouts vanguard weapons stg44 automaton mp40 as44 kar98k k31

Warzone Players Want To Save Vanguard Weapon Attachments

Warzone players are already reporting hit registration issues and to top this, the absence of ‘Save a custom mod’ for weapons is frustrating players even more.

Reddit user ‘secondbanana7‘ took to Warzone’s subreddit to express their concerns. The player posted a screenshot and pointed out the missing feature from the game.

Many in the community chimed in with their opinions and stated that the feature was present during the first week of the integration. Although when players tried to use it, their game crashed.

One player further provided an alternative to saving custom mods in Warzone.

“If you have a build you really wanna save go to loadout options and then copy it to replace another loadout with. Then just chance the perks and secondary,” said Reddit user ‘Cabbiecar1001‘.

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save custom mod loadouts attachments missing warzone vanguard integration

Most players also don’t want to build their Vanguard guns’ loadouts in the pre-game lobby and in the process, miss a few important attachments.

If Raven Software wants players to stick around, Warzone needs some big changes in 2022. And maybe adding back the ‘Save a custom mod’ button can be one of them!

In other news, Warzone is overrun by hackers and cheaters in flying cars. The flying cars from Harry Potter seem to have made their way into the battle royale.

Finally, players are sick of Warzone integrating every year with a new Call of Duty title. As a result, fans want ‘Warzone 2.0’ with Modern Warfare 2.

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Monday 24th of January 2022

You'd think theyd have learned to incorporate this sooner than later, this wasnt available for a few months after cw integration as well