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Warzone Players Want Return of Night Mode in Verdansk

Players loved the Verdansk map in the dark over Halloween, and want to see a Warzone night mode return soon.

Verdansk is a great battle royale map, but it hasn't had many changes since it launched. However, the biggest change to Verdansk over Warzone's first year was certainly the night mode they had during Warzone's Halloween event.

While it was divisive at the time, many players are now calling for the night mode to come back.

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Warzone Players Want Night Time Verdansk Map

Reddit poster MrCeps posted in the Warzone subreddit asking for the night time Verdansk map to return. Plenty of players agree with him and would also like to see the night mode make a comeback in Warzone.

Many players think this would make for a great change of pace in Warzone, as they are still waiting for the new map. Check out the first image of the new Warzone map here.

When Verdansk was plunged into darkness the first time, this was to coincide with the Zombie Royale mode. Therefore, with zombies back in Verdansk and set to spread to another location soon, now could be the perfect time to bring back the night mode in Warzone.

Also, a leak has revealed that a new game mode called Plague, which features zombies and a nuke, is coming soon. This could be the perfect mode to set at night time.

Hopefully, we will get to see Verdansk at night one last time, as the map could be removed from Warzone forever soon.

MrCeps Reddit

Warzone night mode may not ever come back. However, at least future Warzone seasons will have exciting "never seen before" content.

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