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Warzone Players Want Resurgence Trios Mode To Return

In mid-December Rebirth Island Resurgence was added to the Warzone playlist. It was met with a positive reception from the Call of Duty community.

Although Rebirth was a very similar remake of Alcatraz from Black Ops 4, it incorporated Warzone features and mechanics to make it a very popular game mode.

In the most recent update, Rebirth Island Mini Royale Quads replaced Resurgence Trios. This has left many players disappointed they can no longer play the previous mode.

Fans on Twitter were just as disappointed, with many calling for an instant reinstatement of the mode.

Rebirth Island Resurgence Trios vs Mini Royale Quads

Resurgence Trios and Mini Royale Quad both take place on Rebirth Island, but there are some key differences to the game modes.

  • Mini Royale starts with a smaller initial circle, making the map smaller.
  • No automatic respawns in Mini Royale.
  • Players go to the Gulag with a chance to return after their first death.
  • Loadouts appear faster.
  • The game finishes much quicker.
  • 4 player squads instead of 3.

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When Will Resurgence Trios Return to Warzone?

There is no set date for Resurgence Trios to return to Warzone.

This sort of playlist update has happened regularly before, with developers listening to the community when popular game modes were removed.

Alcatraz was removed several times from the Black Ops 4 Blackout playlist, returning with slight variations at times.

This could all be in preparation for a major update to Warzone where a new map could be coming located in the Ural Mountains.

Players are preparing to switch up their Warzone weaponry to find the next best gun with rumors circulating that the DMR 14 might be getting a nerf.

Unfortunately due to the reduced map size, players will find it incredibly difficult to complete the original Easter egg, due to the locations of the briefcases. If you completed it already and claimed the camo reward, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Let us know if you want a quick return of Resurgence Trios.

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