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Warzone Players Want Feature To Rejoin Matches

Warzone players are demanding that Raven Software adds an option for players to rejoin games they have left because of connection issues.

Fast-paced online multiplayer games like Warzone require a good internet connection. However, even players with the fastest internet suffer from random disconnects from time to time.

This stops you from enjoying the game and also puts the rest of your squad at a disadvantage for the rest of the match.

Warzone Season 2 Shipwreck

Can You Reconnect To Matches in Warzone?

At the moment, players cannot reconnect to Warzone matches that they have been disconnected from. This is a major problem as many players have been suffering from errors that kick them out of the game.

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This makes the lack of a rejoin feature even worse as players are being kicked out of Warzone matches more often than ever. Therefore, some players have taken to Reddit to demand that a rejoin button is added, like so many other multiplayer games.

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Warzone Fans Demand Rejoin Feature

Warzone player Important-Piglet6276 posted in the Warzone subreddit, asking for Raven to add a reconnect feature in the game. He also elaborated on exactly how he wanted it to work.

Angry players have also demanded that Raven makes other huge changes to Warzone.

Important-Piglet6276 suggests: "If you rejoined a game you had been disconnected from, you would be dead/spectating and lose your Gulag trip". This is so that players would not abuse the system to rejoin with an advantage.

Warzone Loadout Drop

This seems like a great idea and hopefully Raven will add a rejoin button to Warzone soon.

Another fan-suggested change that players want is this change to make the infamous Roze skin more visible.


Meanwhile, this hint in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode teases Call of Duty 2021. Let's hope that Warzone has a rejoin feature by then!

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