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Warzone Players Want A Ranked Playlist To Fix SBMM Problems

Warzone players say a ranked playlist would help everyone enjoy the game more.

Warzone, like every battle royale game, is highly competitive. Everyone wants to win and will go to great lengths to do so.

The way Warzone gives everyone a fair chance is by implementing a system called skill-based matchmaking. This puts players in lobbies with other players of similar skill levels.

Find out exactly how Warzone SBMM works here.

However, many players don’t like SBMM in Warzone because it makes every game too competitive and, therefore, not fun. Although one Warzone player has suggested a great solution that would benefit everyone – a ranked playlist.

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Warzone Salt Mine

Warzone Needs A Ranked Playlist

SBMM is very divisive in Warzone as it changes the experience for different players. It is great for lower-skill players as it gives everyone a chance to win, but many top players hate it because they are always put into the most difficult lobbies.

In fact, many streamers are now using VPNs to get easy Warzone lobbies.

Redditor BoldTitan recognizes these pros and cons to SBMM in Warzone and has suggested that a ranked playlist is the best solution for everyone. This is because it would allow players to select whether they wanted to be in a ranked lobby that would have SBMM or a social one which would put players of all skill levels in.

“the ultimate compromise is a social and a ranked playlist.”

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Would you want to see a ranked playlist added in a future Warzone update? Hopefully, Raven Software will add this in the upcoming Cold War & Warzone Season 5.

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