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Warzone Players Want Plane Nerf in Next Update

Do the planes in Warzone Pacific need a nerf or two? Many players would definitely like to see their wings clipped!

The Warzone Pacific update introduced the tropical island of Caldera for players to drop into, alongside a load of other changes.

While most of the changes in the Warzone Pacific update have gone down very well, one vehicle remains very divisive. Of course, we are talking about the planes you can find across Caldera.

Some players love these flying vehicles, while others absolutely hate them. In fact, there is a loud group of players who are calling for the planes in Warzone to get a huge nerf!

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Warzone Planes Confirmed for Pacific Map

Planes Are Overpowered in Warzone

Players have been getting easy wins in Warzone by just using the planes so it’s no surprise that players have been getting fed up with these flying vehicles.

Players on the Warzone subreddit have been complaining about how powerful planes are and would like to see Raven Software nerf them.

The main problems with planes in Warzone are that they ping enemies and that the guns are too powerful. This gives players coming up against the aircraft little chance of being able to beat one.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera Airport Terminal

Therefore, one easy way to nerf the planes in Warzone would be to make the guns less powerful. This could be done by adding an overheating function to the airplane machine guns or by reducing the effectiveness of the lock-on aiming.

Somehow, the plane’s machine guns aren’t the most overpowered weapon in Warzone right now though.

Additionally, Raven could nerf the plane by removing the automatic pinging of enemies which players liken to a ‘free UAV’.

Alternatively, Raven could buff the anti-aircraft guns found across Caldera. This wouldn’t make the planes any less effective, but it would let players take them down much easier.

Hopefully, Raven listens to the fans and nerfs the planes in an upcoming Warzone update. While the developer is at it, players would also love to see the upcoming fix for the game-crashing Buy Station glitch too.

Also, the tier 100 operator skin is still invisible in Warzone. Therefore, players may have to wait for a nerf to planes while Raven fixes the game-breaking Warzone issues.

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Comments 3



Monday 24th of January 2022

I bought the game because it was to have tanks and planes, NOPE! More COD false adds. Having planes for a couple days on caldera is not having planes, and where are the tanks? This was intended to be a ww2 map, more false adds. Time to go Battlefield again/ no more cod!


Monday 24th of January 2022

They already have it with modern weapons mix, but why not have the old style COD with tanks? Has COD developers gotten lazy? Planes and antiaircraft are good, but if Battlefield can handle it on servers with big maps tanks and air battles I think COD can do it! After all COD was built on tank battles not just run and gun...


Monday 24th of January 2022

leave the planes an anti aircraft!!!