Warzone players are pleading for developer Raven Software to remove MW2 guns from the floor loot!

While Warzone is all about getting your custom weapon loadouts, you need to make do with what you can find on the ground before that. Unfortunately, not every gun you find is very effective in combat.

In fact, players have noticed a pattern between which floor loot weapons are worth picking up and which ones aren’t. And there’s a large correlation between whether they are from Modern Warfare 2 or Modern Warfare 3.

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Why Do Warzone Fans Want Modern Warfare 2 Guns Removed From Floor Loot?

Players want Raven Software to remove all MW2 weapons from the floor loot in Warzone as they are simply worse than their MW3 counterparts. This is due to having less damage and more visual recoil.

In fact, since the M13B and ISO 9mm nerfs in Season 1 Reloaded, no Modern Warfare 2 guns are worth using in Warzone.

A Reddit post from CaptKraken33 sums up this point of view by asking Raven Software to remove MW2 guns from Warzone’s floor loot. He believes that MW2 guns “don’t match up”, and using them gives you a “decent disadvantage” against MW3 weapons.

Unfortunately, an update in which weapons are available from floor loot only usually happens each season. Therefore, everyone will be stuck finding Modern Warfare 2 guns for at least a few more weeks.

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However, even if Raven Software does update the Warzone floor loot guns, it seems unlikely that they will remove the MW2 weapons entirely.

After all, Call of Duty was very adamant about the carry-over of content from Modern Warfare 2. Removing guns from that game would be a huge backtrack on what was previously said.

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