Does Warzone need more one-shot snipers, or should the KATT-AMR be the only sniper rifle that can kill with one headshot and no explosive ammunition?

Sniping has always been a controversial topic for Warzone players. Some believe that it requires great skill to perfectly line up a headshot, while others think that it is cheap to down enemies with just one shot.

Despite this, the current meta for sniper rifles is very stale, as there is only really one viable option. This has prompted players to ask for more one-shot snipers!

Does Warzone Need More One-Shot Snipers?

A popular post on the Warzone subreddit asks for more one-shot sniper rifles to be added to Warzone, and many fans agree.

This is because the meta KATT-AMR loadout is the only viable option for snipers at the moment, due to its vastly superior bullet velocity compared to other one-shot alternatives that require explosive ammunition.

It would certainly be nice to have more choices when it comes to one-shot sniper rifles. As the KATT-AMR is a very slow sniper, it would be good to get a faster one as well.

Of course, this would also have to be balanced accordingly. A fully one-shot sniper with faster ADS speed would need to have a smaller magazine or lower bullet velocity to avoid being overpowered.

Even if it’s the best choice, the KATT-AMR isn’t the only sniper rifle that can kill with one well-placed shot.

Warzone 2 One-Shot Sniper

What Snipers Can Kill With One Headshot?

The following sniper rifles can kill with just one headshot in Warzone:

  • FJX Imperium with .408 Explosive Ammunition
  • MCPR-300 with .300 Mag Explosive Ammunition
  • Victus XMR with .50 Cal Explosive Ammunition

This means that the only sniper rifle that doesn’t require explosive ammunition to down an enemy with just one headshot is the KATT-AMR.

Explosive ammunition greatly reduces a gun’s bullet velocity and also prevents you from equipping high velocity or spire point rounds. Therefore, the KATT-AMR is the only sniper worth using right now!

Warzone 2 sniper in a ghillie suit

Hopefully, we see more one-shot sniper rifles come to Warzone in the future to give snipers more choice. If we are lucky, we will see one arrive in the Warzone Season 2 update!

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