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Warzone Players Want This Killcam Change To Help Spot Hackers

Would this simple change to how killcam replays work in Warzone make it easier to spot hackers?

Hackers are a major problem in Warzone at the moment. However, players can report opponents who they think might be cheating.

You can view the killcam of the player who kills you after you die, and you can also spectate these players if your whole squad has been eliminated. Many players spectate other players who they think may have been hacking.

However, it isn't as easy as it seems to spot a hacker in Warzone. This is because Killcams in Warzone are missing a couple of important details.

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Warzone Sniper

Add Live Pings and UAV Icon in Warzone Killcams

Redditor SignificantPangolin6 posted about how the killcam in Warzone should be changed so that it would be easier to spot hackers.

Firstly, he calls Warzone "infested with cheaters", and many other players also think that Warzone hacking is worse than it has ever been. However, he is unsure about how many people get wrongly reported as hackers because of suspicious kills.

He thinks that many people get wrongly accused of cheating because the Warzone killcams don't show live pings or whether the player has an active UAV. Legitimate players can look like cheaters using wallhacks in replays because of this.

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Warzone Airport

People can use information from live pings or UAVs to get kills that seem suspicious to Warzone players watching the killcam or spectating. Therefore, SignificantPangolin6 wants the killcam to show live pings and a UAV icon.

Hopefully, Raven Software will listen and implement this change soon. However, what would be even better is if they finally fixed Warzone's hacking problem once and for all.

Raven has banned thousands more hackers recently, but cheaters are still very common in Warzone. Luckily, Activision claims that improved anti-cheat for Warzone is in the works too.

Meanwhile, Warzone players can no longer track their SBMM rating because Activision had the website shut down. This, in addition to killcams was the best way to identify hackers in Warzone.

Finally, a pro player has identified a huge problem with the game. Warzone's TTK is twice as fast now than it was at launch.

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