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Warzone Players Want Juggernauts Removed From Solos

Juggernauts are certainly one of Warzone’s most controversial additions, and players want the power-up to be removed altogether.

Ever since Juggernauts began to appear in Warzone at the beginning of Season 5, players have been complaining about the ability. When equipped, the consumable transforms a player into a powerful minigun-wielding soldier.

With a huge health pool and a powerful weapon, the only disadvantage granted to a Juggernaut is agility. But even that can be mitigated with access to a vehicle, and the ability feels a little broken.

(Source: Activision)

Now, players are calling for Juggernauts to be removed from the Solo playlist, if not taken out of the game entirely. These Warzone fans believe that it’s too easy to win as a Juggernaut, and a lot of the powerful enemies tend to arrive in the game’s final rings.

Warzone Players Want Juggernauts Removed

Facing off against a Juggernaut in 1v1 combat can be near-impossible, especially if you don’t have range on your side. Without a team to back you up, it’s tricky to go toe-to-toe with the armored enemy.

To really deal with the powerful opponents, you’ll need a teammate or two help deal with the incoming fire. In a Solo game, you need to outplay an enemy far stronger than you.

What’s more, a lot of Juggernauts tend to play tactically, avoiding combat until it’s time for the final few rings. If they wait in a house somewhere, you’d be foolish to challenge the minigun in a fight to the death.

Warzone Juggernaut
(Source: Activision)

First appearing in LTM ‘Juggernaut Royale,’ many players still see the ability as a gimmick. Now though, players will encounter Juggernauts in nearly every game of Warzone.

Using the secret underground easter egg, it’s possible to get the power-up every match without fail. And that’s why players want the Juggernaut removed, at least from solos.

Now, yet another Reddit thread complaining about the inclusion of Juggernauts in Solo playlists is getting attention. However, if Infinity Ward is aware of this player feedback, it’s certainly staying quiet.

Not Everyone Wants Juggernauts Gone

However, not all players agree with this petition to remove Juggernauts completely.

“Jugs are insanely easy to counter if you prepare for it,” one Reddit user claims. “Grab an airstrike, a cluster, anything, as soon as you hear “Enemy Juggernaut.” They’re ridiculously slow & inaccurate at range.”

It’s true that Juggernauts can easily be taken down if engaging from a distance. But if they’ve got access to an ATV, they’ll close the gap faster than players would like.

Warzone Juggernaut Removed
(Source: Activision)

In a previous poll, Warzone players voted for Juggernauts to be removed from the game entirely. Unfortunately, the Reddit poll wasn’t exactly legally-binding.

However, new footage indicates that there’s actually a reliable counter to Warzone’s Juggernauts. In an epic Warzone Juggernaut vs. Riot Shield showdown, one player proves that you don’t need to out-gun the powerful enemies.

And at the end of the day, some players are capable of beating the odds altogether. In fact, thanks to some clever movement, one Warzone player manages to destroy multiple enemy squads and a Juggernaut for the win.