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Warzone Players Want Huge Crossplay Change For PlayStation & Xbox

Warzone players on PlayStation and Xbox want a huge change to how crossplay works in the Battle Royale game.

Crossplay is a great feature lets gamers play with their friends who have other platforms. However, it causes plenty of problems too.

This has led to Warzone players on PS4, PS5, and Xbox wanting to have crossplay between just consoles and leave PC out.

But first, find out the details about the new Warzone map and improved anti-cheat system that is coming soon.


Warzone Players Want Console-Only Crossplay

While Warzone on console has ridiculously overpowered aim-assist, PS4, PS5, and Xbox players definitely have it tougher than their PC counterparts.

This has prompted Warzone players on the game’s subreddit to ask for a console-only crossplay option.

Firstly, console players want this because PC Warzone players have loads of advantages including a higher frame rate, more accurate aiming with a mouse, and, above all, an FOV slider. Just look at the huge difference between console and PC FOV in Warzone.

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Additionally, even if Warzone players on console can now download hacks, most cheaters are on PC.

This is the other reason why players want console-only crossplay to be implemented. PS4 and PS5 players can avoid Warzone hackers by turning off crossplay, but this is not available to Xbox players.

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Do you think Warzone should get console-only crossplay? Even if players want it, this move seems very unlikely because it would increase the time to get into games.

Meanwhile, a leaker has revealed the upcoming Warzone Halloween event. This could finally be when the Verdansk Mines open in Warzone.

Also, in addition to this crossplay change in Warzone, players also want a new Field Upgrade to stop campers.

Finally, Warzone players have found a new hitbox on operators, totally changing the meta. Find out everything you need to know about neck shots in Warzone.

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