Call of Duty fans are not happy about the high amounts of visual recoil and gun smoke in Warzone as it negatively impacts the moment-to-moment experience of the game.

It’s an issue that has plagued the Modern Warfare series for a while now and fans hate its continued presence in MW3 and Warzone.

Along with egregious aim sway and a variety of other frustrating features, the game’s visual recoil has become a huge problem for many players.

Players Want Gun Smoke and Visual Recoil Reduced

MW3 and Warzone players want to have the visual recoil and gun smoke effects reduced to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Reddit user Dull-Caterpillar3153 posted a recent video showing just how much gun smoke and visual recoil impacted their aim in a Warzone match:

In the clip, you can see a dense cloud of smoke emerging from the weapon as it fires, almost completely obstructing the player’s view of what they’re firing at. For a competitive shooter, not being able to see what you’re shooting at seems like a pretty major issue.

Many other users on Reddit tend to agree:

byu/Dull-Caterpillar3153 from discussion

This is an issue that is particularly prevalent for mouse and keyboard users, as they do not have the aggressive aim assist that a controller would provide.

Controller aim assist practically eliminates the negative effects of visual recoil. It’s one of the main reasons we recommend using a controller over a mouse and keyboard while playing MW3 and Warzone.

Dunk305 believes that controller aim assist is too strong, as all you need to do is “ADS and close your eyes”. Reddit user ev0l_squid seems to agree, comparing the game’s aggressive aim assist to an aimbot by simply “moving the left stick”.

Fans have noticed that gun smoke and visual recoil are particularly prominent for MW2 weapons in MW3 and Warzone:

These effects are less prominent for the more recent MW3 guns, but it’s still an issue that many have with the game at present.

What Is Visual Recoil?

Visual recoil is how the gun kick and recoil patterns are represented visually in-game in MW3, Warzone, and other FPS titles.

It’s meant to implement a degree of realism to the game but often results in frustrating visual obstructions that can seriously impact a player’s aim.

Unlike gun recoil which mainly considers the physical kick of the weapon, visual recoil adds an artificial visual effect that impacts your aim.

MW3 Players Think SBMM “Chokes the Fun” Out of the Game

There are many elements to visual recoil and it can include the following:

  • Aim sway
    • This is where your aiming reticle will move to a random location away from your original target when you aim down sights. It’s largely down to RNG
  • Gun smoke
    • As demonstrated above, this is a smoke effect given off by your gun that significantly impacts your aim
  • Weapon shaking
    • This is the degree to which your aiming reticle moves from side to side as a way to emulate a gun vibrating and moving when firing it

As mentioned above, MW2 weapons seem to be far worse off as far as visual recoil goes. Shaka_Walls showed a comparison between MW3 and MW2 weapons over on Reddit:

On the left is the MCW 6.8 from MW3 and on the right is the Tempest Torrent from MW2. The Tempest Torrent has a significantly higher amount of the shaking effect after each bullet fired.

MW3 Operator firing weapon on Rust

Visual recoil is a prominent issue for sure in MW3 and Warzone. Hopefully, the teams over at SHG and Raven Software can reduce it to make the shooting mechanics feel a lot less frustrating in the future!

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