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Warzone Players Want Fists Removed from Gulag

Warzone players hate fist fights in the Gulag and want them removed.

Warzone’s Gulag gives players a second chance after they die. With being able to respawn the prize, the stakes are very high.

Usually, players are given a random weapon to fight with. Although, sometimes Warzone players are left to fight their Gulag opponents with just their fists.

However, players think that a fistfight is by far the worst way to settle a Gulag fight for a number of reasons. Should it even be an option in the Gulag?

Warzone Nuketown Gulag

Why Warzone Players Hate Gulag Fistfights

A new Reddit post has got Warzone players talking about why they hate using their fists in the Gulag.

Warzone players also want the Nuketown Gulag to be changed back to the classic one.

Firstly, the poster ‘mad_dj_cod’ calls the decision to have fistfights in the Gulag “the stupidest thing they [Raven Software] have ever done”.

Other Warzone players agree and hate fist fights because who wins is random luck. While Warzone’s Gulag is usually a 1v1 fight where the more skilled combatant wins, but players describe using fists as “50/50” or “a coinflip” on whether they win or not.

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Warzone Nuketown Gulag

What makes the fists Gulag even worse is that it is twice as likely to come up as any other weapon. This is because there are two different Gulag fistfight variants in Warzone.

In the first one, players have a throwing knife. While the second version pairs the fists with a Semtex.

No matter how bad Gulag fistfights are, they can’t be as terrible as the most embarrassing Gulag death ever.

Warzone players will be hoping that Raven refreshes the Gulag with different weapons soon so that they no longer have to fight with their fists.

mad_dj_cod Reddit

Being forced to fight with your fists isn’t just a problem in Warzone’s Gulag either. Cold War players want a major change to the Gun Game mode.

Meanwhile, there are a number of other changes Warzone players want too. Firstly, players are demanding to be able to save custom mods for Cold War guns in Warzone.

Warzone fans also want Raven to add a firing range. This is so they can test guns more easily.

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