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Warzone Players Want Firing Range in Caldera Pacific Map Update

One of the most highly-requested features in Warzone is a firing range – and players want it in the Caldera Pacific map update.

Using the right weapons with the meta builds is integral to being successful in Warzone. After all, players want every advantage they can get.

Therefore, Warzone players are always searching for the best guns to use in Verdansk and Rebirth Island. However, there is no good way of testing guns outside of a match.

This has prompted Warzone players to ask for a firing range in the upcoming Caldera Pacific Map update.

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Warzone Needs a Firing Range With the New Pacific Map – Caldera

The first images of the Caldera Warzone Pacific map look absolutely stunning, but players will be hoping for an extra location – a firing range.

A popular new post on the Warzone subreddit is asking Warzone developer Raven software to add a new feature to the game, alongside the new map.

Players are desperate to have a firing range so that they can test their guns in a no-risk scenario. This is especially important as dozens of Vanguard weapons will be coming to Warzone.

Poster u/Chillenge has decided that the best time to add the firing range would be on the new delayed release date for the Caldera Warzone Pacific map. It makes sense, but it would be a lot of work for Raven to implement.

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Warzone Planes Confirmed for Pacific Map

Let’s hope that Raven has already planned a firing range for Warzone already. This suggestion has come very late into the development of the map!

If there isn’t a firing range though, players can find out how to get early access to the new Warzone map to try out weapons before everyone else.

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Meanwhile, Warzone fans will be able to find out more about the upcoming map very soon. Find out the Warzone and Vanguard ‘Secrets of the Pacific’ event release date.

Also, even if a firing range is just a fan’s suggestion, Raven has confirmed that planes will be coming to Warzone. This could be the most exciting addition to the new map and will shake up the pace of Warzone.

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