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Warzone Players Want Dynamic Weather Effects in Verdansk ’84

Warzone players think some dynamic weather effects could help keep the battle royale fresh.

Verdansk has been the main map in Warzone ever since it launched. It did get a 1980s refresh back at the start of Season 3 but, for the most part, it has been the same.

Despite Verdansk ’84’s updated locations, players are still beginning to get bored of the new iteration of the map too, but one Warzone player has come up with an idea on how to keep the map interesting.

Warzone Dynamic Weather Farm

Does Warzone Need Dynamic Weather?

We already know that Warzone will be getting a WW2-themed map to coincide with Call of Duty Vanguard. In fact, some huge leaks have revealed loads about the upcoming new map.

However, this is still quite a way off and players are looking for a way to keep Verdansk ’84 fresh. Luckily, Warzone player u/guberNailer on Reddit has had the clever idea of a dynamic weather system.

Verdansk ’84 is more vibrant than the original map as takes place in Spring, just before sunset. Although this has actually caused some major lighting issues which still haven’t been fixed.

Warzone Verdansk Night

As a change for the fairly plain, sunny weather, u/guberNailer suggests some Seasonal weather effects to Warzone. Not any super spectacular, but different weather types like rainy, snowy, or even nighttime would make every game seem a little bit different.

Whether Warzone would be able to handle this is another matter though. Players have already been suffering from terrible lag and crashes in Season 4, so instead of being dynamic, the weather could just be randomized when players load into the map.

Do you think different weather effects could keep Warzone fresh? Maybe Raven Software could introduce it in the upcoming Season 5 update.

In other news, a frustrating new Warzone glitch is stealing wins from players. This is the most annoying way to end a game.

Also, fans call are calling Warzone “unplayable” on PS4 and Xbox One now. Surely more weather effects would make Warzone run even worse?

Meanwhile, if you’re just looking for a few simple wins, make sure to check out how to use a VPN to get easy Warzone lobbies.

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