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Warzone Players Want Console-Only Crossplay to Avoid Hackers

Warzone players on console have decided that console-only crossplay would be the best way to get rid of hackers and cheaters!

Hackers are a problem in almost every online multiplayer game. However, there are far more cheaters on PC than consoles thanks to being able to easily download hacks onto a computer.

Warzone has had a huge cheater problem in the past and, despite the new and improved RICOCHET anti-cheat system, it is still a major issue.

In fact, many players claim that Warzone hacking is as bad as ever in 2022.

This has led many Warzone players on PlayStation and Xbox to demand a solution to this from Activision – console-only crossplay.

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Warzone Pacific

Warzone Players on PS4, PS5 & Xbox Want Crossplay Between Consoles to Avoid Cheaters

Warzone hackers and cheaters are ruining Caldera lobbies in 2022 so far and players are fed up. However, they have a solution to avoid them on console at least.

A new post on the Warzone subreddit asks for an option to select console-only crossplay in the game’s settings. This would mean that PlayStation and Xbox players could be in the same lobbies, but would be separate from PC gamers.

This suggestion is because the majority of hackers are on PC, even if players can now download Warzone cheats on console too.

Therefore, having lobbies of just console gamers will drastically reduce the number of hackers in the games.

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Warzone Caldera

With many players quitting Warzone until the problems are fixed Raven Software should listen to this suggestion. However, it might not be very easy to implement console-only crossplay into Warzone.

What’s more, splitting up the player base into more queues would increase matchmaking times. This is the main argument against adding this feature.

Whether Raven Software does ever add console-only crossplay to Warzone, the developer still has a lot of issues to fix. This is becasue the latest Warzone update introduced loads more annoying bugs.

Luckily, Raven has already addressed the new invisible Wraith and Weaver operator skins in Warzone. This means that there won’t be inviisble enemies in Caldera for much longer.

Finally, there will be some huge changes to weapons very soon too. This follows an announcement from Raven that it aims to increase the overall weapon TTK in Warzone in an upcoming update.

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