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Warzone Players Want Cold War Weapons Removed From The Game

Warzone players want Raven Software to remove Cold War weapons from the game entirely!

There have been loads of problems with Cold War weapons in Warzone ever since they were introduced back in December.

First, it was the totally overpowered DMR that was ruining the game for many. Next, the attachments on Cold War weapons stopped working properly and all the guns were useless.

However, since an update buffed the Agency Suppressor, many of the Cold War guns have been way too powerful. Players are finally fed up and want them removed from the game entirely!

warzone season 2

Remove Cold War Guns From Warzone?

Players were hoping that the Season 2 Reloaded update for Warzone would balance the overpowered guns in the game. However, the AUG, FFAR, and M16 are still by far the most powerful weapons in the game at the moment.

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This has prompted many players to vote in a Reddit poll about whether they would want Cold War guns totally removed from Warzone. The results are pretty shocking.

Warzone Loadout Drop (1)

At the time of writing, over 600 of the 800 players surveyed would want the Cold War guns removed. This is 3 out of 4 players!

Therefore, this shows that Warzone players are totally fed up with the much quicker TTK in the game. Hopefully, Raven will make some changes to some Cold War weapons in the next update, so that players will stop demanding for them to remove the guns.

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Check out the poll below to see the full results.

Meanwhile, an image showing the possible upcoming Ural Mountains Warzone map has leaked. Would you want to drop into this map?

Also, Warzone fans are demanding a change to the Gulag. Players are heading there way quicker now too, thanks to the Cold War weapons.

Finally, the zombies contamination level in Warzone has risen, but fans don’t care at all!

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