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Warzone Players Want Button To Equip & Remove Gas Mask

Warzone players want a button to equip and unequip their gas mask, after dying to the dreaded gas mask animation so many times.

Warzone, like most Battle Royale games, has a circle that closes in to draw all of the players together. In Warzone’s case, it is a cloud of toxic gas that quickly kills anyone in it.

Luckily, players can equip a gas mask that lets them survive in the gas cloud for a short period of time before it breaks. Although, there’s one part of the gas mask that players absolutely hate – the animation to equip and unequip it.

After all, players have been complaining about Gas Masks in Warzone for almost a year now!

warzone ghost

Warzone Players Want Button To Remove Automatic Gas Mask Animation

Warzone’s Gas Mask have had plenty of problems in the past including an unlimited Gas Mask glitch which let players stay in the gas infinitely. This was quickly fixed but there is still a major problem with the Gas Mask.

Players have been asking for months for a change to the Gas Mask animation in Warzone and now they are finally fed up with dying because of the unwanted animation.

This isn’t the only thing Warzone players are angry about either. Raven Software has removed standard Battle Royale from Warzone!

Warzone Gas ATV

Warzone player u/KaijuTia created a poll on the Warzone subreddit asking if players wanted an option to manually equip and remove the Gas Mask and the results are very clear.

Around 3/4 of the over 6000 players who answered the poll would want to manually equip and remove their gas mask. Let’s just hope Raven Software sees this poll.

This isn’t the only good new addition suggest by the Warzone subreddit either. One smart player has come up with an idea for an anti-camper Field Upgrade.

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Hopefully, a button to equip and remove your Gas Mask comes as part of the next big update to Warzone. This will be the Season 5 Reloaded update that adds the new ‘Numbers’ Warzone event.

In news not related to Gas Masks, YouTuber JGOD claims that nobody should be using Modern Warfare guns in Warzone. Do you think he is right?

Also, a leaker has revealed that Warzone Halloween event. This would also include a brand-new operator skin based on a horror icon.

Finally, Warzone will be getting a new WW2 map with improved anti-cheat. This is just what the game needs!

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