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Warzone Players Want Another Major MAC-10 Nerf

Warzone players have taken to Reddit to demand another nerf to the MAC-10 SMG.

Warzone gets more and more new weapons every season. Therefore it’s extremely hard to balance the game’s guns.

The biggest problem came with Black Ops Cold War’s integration into Warzone, as that brought many overpowered guns into the game. While most of the game’s weapons are well-balanced now, players still believe the MAC-10 is too powerful.

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Is the MAC-10 Overpowered in Warzone?

The MAC-10 has already had a huge nerf, but many Warzone players think that the SMG is still too powerful.

A Reddit post from Warzone player Y2Jerich0 reveals the problems he has with the MAC-10. He says that the MAC-10 “has ZERO drawbacks” which makes the gun totally unbalanced.

This is because it “best mobility in the game, clean as hell iron sights, giant mag, highest fire rate, and favorable damage”, according to him. It also used to be even more powerful because of a pay-to-win blueprint that increased its damage.

Y2Jerich0 suggests a couple of changes that Raven could make to the MAC-10 to finally balance the gun.

This isn’t the only gun that Call of Duty fans think is unbalanced. Black Ops Cold War players want LMGs to be nerfed.

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How to Balance the MAC-10

The first suggestion the Redditor makes is to nerf the gun’s recoil and range. The MAC-10 is an extremely high fire rate weapon and so it doesn’t make much sense why the recoil is so controllable at mid ranges.

Secondly, he suggests that the damage could also be nerfed. This is also a possibility but seems less likely as Raven very rarely decreases the damage when balancing a weapon.

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The perfect time for Raven to implement these changes would be with the Season 2 update. Find out everything coming to Warzone in Season 2.

The MAC-10 might be the Warzone’s best SMG, but NICKMERCS has just revealed his loadout for the best AR in Warzone.

Meanwhile, a new invisibility glitch has started ruining games of Warzone. Let’s hope Raven also fixes this soon.

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