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Warzone Players Upset Over Recent Spike in the Number of Cheaters

Warzone cheaters are plaguing the popular battle royale and driving away longtime players. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this will change anytime soon.

Recently, Warzone players have been enjoying the ability to choose between three different maps to obtain victory, including Rebirth Island.

But with every new season also comes new issues. Recently, the zombie army easter egg was crashing entire lobbies causing Warzone to disable it.

Now, Warzone players are finding that there have been a lot more cheaters in their latest games. Here’s everything we know.

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Warzone Season 4

Warzone Cheaters Running Rampant in Caldera, Rebirth Island, and Fortune’s Keep

Warzone cheaters have been able to once again plague the battle royale due to an update a popular cheat company released.

This update has allowed players to once again use hacks in Warzone without being banned. On top of that, new cheater creators have been popping up. Warzone has also added a “pay to win” skin that frustrates the community.

So despite all the significant updates in Warzone Season 4 with Fortune’s Keep and the new weekly map rotation mechanic, players still aren’t able to enjoy themselves due to cheaters.

These cheats allow players to turn on wall hacks and aimbots and even unlock everything in Warzone Season 4. This means they can obtain all the best loadouts in the Warzone without even needing to level up their guns.

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The only way to really have a chance against these cheaters is to use the absolute best meta weapons in Warzone Season 4. These include the NZ-41, which received a few OP buffs, and the Marco 5 akimbo SMG loadout.

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