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Warzone Players Upset at Activision for Forcing Vanguard Weapons Into the Meta

The most recent Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update has plenty of nerfs, but surprisingly none are for the Vanguard weapons. This has left many Warzone players upset.

The midseason update for Warzone Pacific Season 3 has made it so that players have a better chance of surviving the fights in Caldera. But it also included some weapon balancing that many players aren’t too happy about.

Most of the nerfs in the Warzone Season 3 Reloaded seem to target popular Cold War and Modern Warfare weapons.

While leaving many of the Vanguard weapons untouched. Players are not happy about having to grind Vanguard weapons.

Have you seen the new Underground Transit added to Caldera? Here’s where you can find all 14 transit locations!


Warzone Players Upset that Activision Weapon Balancing Seems to Favor Vanguard Heavily

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded features over 15 different buffs to Vanguard weapons while nerfing over 10 Cold War and 6 Modern Weapon guns.

This has many players fuming. Many believe that Activision is trying to boost the usage of Vanguard weapons to improve bundle sales.

Reddit user, LeBradyyy, voiced their concern with a graphic on the Call of Duty Warzone Reddit Page. In the comment section, many upset Warzone players state that the only way Vanguard weapons can be meta is if they are ridiculously broken.

It’s unfortunate because many have spent money on bundles for their favorite Cold War and Modern Warfare weapons. It seems that they’ll need to abandon those if they hope to have a fighting chance.

This season, having a great weapon in your loadout is even more critical with the updates to health and TTK that Warzone Season 3 Reloaded has implemented.

Thankfully, players can quickly unlock the new H4 Blixen SMG to tear down an enemy’s health bar. But this may not be enough to ease players after the weapon changes in this update.

But it seems fans won’t have to suffer much longer. Warzone 2 has recently been generating buzz with its teasers and leaks. We’ve even gotten a look at what the entire Warzone 2 map looks like. Including points of interest and some classic MW2 maps.

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