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Warzone Players Think C4’s Blast Radius Is Still Overpowered

Despite Warzone’s recent nerf to C4, new evidence suggests that it’s the equipment’s blast radius that is really overpowered.

One of the most controversial nerfs in Warzone history, Infinity Ward recently saw fit to nerf C4. Interestingly, the developer did so not by lowering the equipment’s effectiveness, but by reducing the distance it could be thrown.

Now, further evidence suggests that C4 needs further adjusting, with a reduction to its blast radius. The explosive is still capable of dealing tremendous damage to enemy players, in specific circumstances.

While C4 actually doesn’t do too much damage to players outright, it’s capable of wiping out whole squads in vehicles. What’s more, it seems that its blast radius is far larger than you might anticipate.

C4 Blast Radius Is Overpowered

In a new clip posted to Reddit, we can see the overpowered C4 blast radius in action. User Bacon__Man clipped their recent experience in Warzone, in order to share their anger with others.

In the short clip, the Warzone player’s entire squad gets killed out of nowhere. The group were all in a vehicle, with a Trophy System on the hood.

Assuming that their tactical equipment would protect them from incoming explosives, the squad felt relatively secure. Unfortunately, it seems that they didn’t anticipate a C4 being thrown well behind them.

In the Kill Cam footage, we see the enemy player launch the C4 in the direction of Bacon__Man’s vehicle. The explosive lands far behind the car, but its detonation is still enough to cause a team wipe.

It’s an unfortunate occurrence that may well be due, in part, to server lag. However, it’s also very true that C4 is incredibly deadly to vehicles, and Infinity Ward seems to want to keep it that way.

The idea makes sense, but the developer might need to decrease the C4 blast radius ever so slightly if vehicles are to stay viable.

How To Use C4 Effectively

An old C4 trick that many Warzone players are still using allows vehicle-uses to get their revenge though. In a high-risk, high-reward play, C4 can be planted on your own vehicle for explosive results.

It’s worth noting right off the bat that if you put an explosive on your own vehicle, you can’t complain if someone shoots it and blows you up. But if you hide it correctly, it’s capable of doing some real damage.

In this clip, the player hides the C4 by the vehicle’s front wheels before sending it off into battle. Some talented Warzone players have been able to take this a step further, however.

By switching seats inside your vehicle, you can throw the CV into the inside of the car. This way, the device shouldn’t be set off by enemy bullets as easily.

But when you’re driving with an explosive, inches from your face, do be sure that the only time you crash is after you’ve jumped out of the vehicle.

Players have been using Warzone’s C4 trick to eliminate full squads for a while now, but the technique is forever advancing.

Getting blown up out of nowhere isn’t exactly fair though, and it’s understandable that players are having less fun in Warzone Season 6.

Infinity Ward needs to take a hard look at what players are complaining about if they want to keep their fan base happy.

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