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Warzone Players Still Want Verdansk Back

A considerable amount of Warzone players are over the honeymoon period with Caldera and ask for Verdansk to be back.

Warzone Pacific launched a few weeks ago. Since then, gamers have had the time to experience all the guns, new mechanics, and most importantly, the Caldera map.

Overall, many players have praised how much of a change Caldera’s tropical setting brought. Of course, there are also several complaints about the game in general.

For instance, according to the content creator, TheTacticalBrit, Warzone Pacific is becoming pay to win.

There are undoubtedly many comments about the ongoing direction of Warzone Pacific, and ultimately, many players seem to want the Verdansk era to be back.

Warzone Pacific Players Demand Verdansk to Return After Weeks in Caldera

Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map has been out for weeks but several players are still not fond of the massive change in setting and demand Verdansk to return.

In detail, there is a complete division between Warzone players about this topic.

Some gamers like Caldera but believe that the developer should allow access to both maps instead of replacing one with the other.

These players want the best of both worlds in this scenario. However, other portions of the community dislike the map in its entirety and want it removed.

Not long ago, Activision accommodated some of these nostalgic requests from players and brought back Rebirth Island.

It is uncertain the developer would bring both backs simultaneously, but this will not stop players from constantly asking.

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Players Express How Much They Miss Verdansk

Now that time has passed, some players are getting nostalgic about the good ol’ days in Verdansk.

Some players are conditioning their return to the game only if Verdansk returns to Warzone.

Considering there is a drastic change between the scenery and weaponry in Caldera, this statement is somewhat familiar for those who want the original experience.

In the meantime, others want to enjoy everything Activision has to offer and are requesting random rotation between the two maps.

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The request to bring the map that started it all keeps going and going.

Many gamers are outright stating this is nothing but a nostalgia effect and that the Warzone Pacific is still fun to play.

There are a lot of people who genuinely want the original experience back. Furthermore, Warzone Pacific is far from perfect at its current state.

For example, Warzone Pacific continues to experience a glitch that allows for fast weapon level up. Some gameplay balancing is still required as there are some overpowered weapons.

Additionally, the latest Holiday event was plagued with criticism around Krampus. Even after the developer nerfed Krampus, players still demanded its removal from the game.

Lastly, some players are even quitting Warzone Pacific due to glitches in Caldera.

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Comments 5


Bernard Mcgilvray

Sunday 9th of January 2022

Welcome to Camp Caldera, a map designed for those who love camping. Love getting shot in the back by someone just hiding in the bush that averages 1 kill per match, super skilled player. Oh, and your anti-cheat software isn't quite up to par yet. Verdansk had some issues but nothing like freezing up at buy stations only to be killed by those unskilled people that can only get people either by camping buy stations and loadout drops. They have no chance of winning a straight up gun fight. So when out camping, enjoy the lush vegetation at Camp Caldera.


Friday 7th of January 2022

I stoped playing warzone.. until they bring back verdansk.. Caldera is a campsite, there is no space to run around and shoot on-site without getting sniped or a camper hiding in a building, I loved the old map where you could choose what gameplay you wanted to play, eather storage or Boneyard for running and shooting or downtown and prison for some sniping, it was all up to you as a player.... now its all about sniping and hiding, I loved the multiplayer feel of storage, and its not that I dont have multiplayer, sometimes you want verdansk it was my choice.... Ill wait for Verdansk, if it does not return neither will I


Friday 31st of December 2021

Verdansk should be back and players have a choice which map they play. Caldera map is just boring to me.


Thursday 30th of December 2021

I must say that as a bloke and not a fan of change the caldera map is actually pretty good. By far the worst aspect is for ps4 players like myself where mid game it all locks up. This usually happens when i'm winning!! Verdansk was not without it's glitches but it never actually crashed the console. When it is working it works well . It just needs smoothing out . I can't help feeling that we are Beta testing on behalf of Raven software. Should we not be being paid for this service ??

Jason Holland

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Let's not forget the other half of the players that can't even play Mutiplayer or Warzone since the update. When are we gonna fix that? I so miss the days when we could just play call of duty and the only thing we had to worry about was our own internet connection. Now it's everything to worry about but that. What a shame that their profits now seem to be more important than the quality of the product and player satisfaction.