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Warzone Players Are Torn on Season 3 Sniper Nerfs – Is One-Shot-Kill Good or Bad?

Warzone players are debating the new nerfs to sniper rifles in Season 3, after Raven Software removed the one-hit-kill potential of many guns.

Snipers and Warzone are two things that just go hand-in-hand. It feels like the long-range meta has always been dominant in Activision’s Battle Royale.

After all, with one weapon class able to down enemies from a huge distance, before they can even spot you, why wouldn’t you run a sniper?

For a while, sniper rifles were the most popular weapons for Warzone loadouts – and for good reason!

Now, in the Season 3 patch notes, Raven confirms that they’ve nerfed sniper rifles substantially, removing one-hit-kill potential for many guns at longer ranges. And fans are split on the decision.

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warzone pacific sniper

Is Warzone Season 3 Sniper Nerf Justified?

In Warzone Season 3, only a handful of snipers can one-shot headshot at any range. But is the nerf to long-range weaponry justified?

It would seem that some players are happy with the sniper changes. After all, snipers have been overpowered in Caldera for some time.

“I actually like the sniper update,” Reddit user FentoonskiFTW writes. “It makes sense to me, if everything was unchanged everyone will still only pick kar or swiss. i rarely saw other snipers used. The kar has been too good for way too long and it feels stale.”

But while other snipers now have a more viable spot in the meta, is the removal of one-shot headshots at any range a good decision?

Warzone Season 3 - What Sniper Rifles Are One-Shot Kills

“The idea that snipers as snappy, mobile and easy to use as the kar and Swiss should be able to one shot at any range was insane.” BitterProgress agrees. “If snipers have to one shot – they should have drawbacks to compensate for that such as being slow and heavy.”

Of course, while these users are all for the sniper nerfs, there are many fans who are far less happy with the changes.

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Warzone Fans Want Sniper Buffs After Balance Patch

The new update certainly throws realism out of the window in favor of balance. But this is hardly the most realistic update anyway, with Godzilla and King Kong coming to Caldera soon.

Now, using a Rytec with explosive rounds can’t even one-shot an enemy, despite being a powerful sniper. Neither can the Dragunov, or the M82, and popular choices such as the Swiss K31 or Kar98k are now only effective inside a particular range.

“I think the current sniper nerf is a very lazy way of re-balancing these guns and it detracts from the game by decreasing weapon variety rather than increasing it,” Douglas1994 writes.

The user goes on to write that rifles such as the SPR, Pelington, Tundra, Type 99, and Rytek are now ‘pointless’ to use. What’s more, these assault rifles essentially have no recoil in Warzone, making them now better long-range options than a sniper.

Hopefully, a working sniper system that everyone can be happy with is part of Warzone 2’s ‘groundbreaking innovations’ that Activision is promising.

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Q West

Thursday 5th of May 2022

I love the sniper nerf most haxkers use them get tons of easy kills out the air etc those who say "it takes realism out" i mean it doesn't, granted i believe there are some real life warriors with a sniper but you not winning a legit gun fight up close n personal with a sniper.. blow for blow a pistol ars and smgs will more often kill a person than a sniper would. even in real life combat

Double Tap

Sunday 1st of May 2022

Thank goodness. Snipers ruin game flow. I wish they would do away with over kill so everyone would stop running with a Sniper rifle and an AR. That is insane. In real war there aren't that many snipers on the battlefield. In COD everyone has one as the 2nd weapon. Ridiculous! If they give snipers 1 shot kills ARs should be 2 shots and maybe they would stop whining.