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Warzone Players Report Lag & Server Desync in Season 4

Warzone players are reporting a number of server desync issues in Season 4 so far which are causing poor hit registration and lag!

Warzone is about as high stakes as it can get. One wrong move and you’re sent to the Gulag or out of the game entirely. Therefore, this makes any issues with the game especially frustrating.

Players are loving the Warzone Season 4 update so far and many fans think that Fortune’s Keep is the best map in the game, but it isn’t problem-free.

In fact, there’s a game-breaking wall glitch in Fortune’s Keep that is ruining games.

Warzone SMG

Perhaps even more frustrating though is the new lag and server desync issues that players have been reporting in Season 4!

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Warzone Season 4 Lag & Server Desync Cause Hit Registration Issues

Server desync issues have affected Warzone for ages now. However, the Season 4 update could have worsened this issue!

Players on the Warzone subreddit are reporting server desync and lag following the Season 4 update. One post even says the servers have gotten “significantly worse” after the latest Season dropped.

One video, in particular, demonstrates exactly how bad the desync in Warzone can be. The player clearly shoots an enemy but only manages to get a couple of hitmarkers.

Then, in a separate instance, the player shoots an enemy in a vehicle but the game registers his bullets as hitting the car instead.

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Warzone Season 4

Hopefully, Raven Software fixes the lag and desync in an upcoming Warzone update. However, addressing an issue as complicated as this is never a simple matter so it could be a while before we see any improvements.

What’s more, it looks like the developer is busy working on a nerf for Warzone’s most powerful gun!

Plus, an upcoming playlist update will be bringing back a beloved map. Here’s when Rebirth Island is coming back to Warzone!

Finally, check out the best loadouts in Warzone Season 4 to help you get more wins:

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