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Warzone Players Report Hit Registration Issues in Caldera

Many Warzone players think that their bullets aren’t doing damage when shooting enemies but is there actually a problem with hit registration?

Top Warzone players need a lot of skills including movement and map knowledge, however, gun skill is by far the most important.

Unfortunately, even if you know all of the top aim and accuracy tips in Warzone, you might not be hitting all of your shots. This isn’t necessarily your fault though – there could be a problem causing this.

Many Warzone fans think that there could be a major issue with hit registration in the game!

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Is Hit Detection Working in Warzone?

Recently, Warzone players have had an invisible gun glitch making aiming impossible but there could be another issue causing inaccuracy in the battle royale.

A popular post on the Warzone subreddit asks players if they think hit registration in the game is now worse. Hundreds of players have upvoted this and replied saying they think this is the case.

Apparently, players are having inconsistency with their bullets connecting with enemies. They have noticed when looking at the killcam that the health doesn’t seem to go down as many times as they’ve shot opponents.

And with so many players now using the best new optic in Warzone, accuracy issues are a surprise. Plus, this issue seems to be happening in Caldera as well as the new Warzone Pacific Gulag.

What’s even more strange is that this doesn’t seem to be an issue with internet or ping either.

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warzone pacific

The cause of the possible hit registration in Warzone isn’t known at the moment. However, players have different ideas about what it could be.

Some think that it could be to do with the Vanguard weapons in particular, which would explain why Vanguard snipers are useless in Warzone. Meanwhile, others think it could be to do with the larger graphical and server load of Caldera.

Whatever it is, fans will hope Raven investigates hit registration in Warzone. With more players quitting Warzone because of glitches and issues, let’s hope this problem doesn’t last for much longer.

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Meanwhile, fans of the game are asking for a ‘Warzone 2.0’ to coincide with MW2. Although it might be better for Raven Software to fix the game’s issues first!

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Friday 29th of April 2022

Lately it's been getting bad for me. I had a pretty high accuracy until the ricochet cheat happened. I don't cheat at all never have but my first ten bullets don't count in gun fights. Either thier anti cheat is fucked up and affecting accurate players or there's a massive bug for console.