Call of Duty Warzone players report that their lobbies just got easier after the PlayStation block to Cronus Zen hardware. Is this a fresh start for the Battle Royale, or merely wishful thinking?

In case you missed the news, the latest PS5 update went live on January 24, 2024. And since it debuted, no Cronus Zen hardware has been functional on the console.

For those out of the loop, a Cronus Zen is a popular cheating tool that allows players to add scripts to their controller inputs, eliminating recoil in shooters, or increasing aim assist strength.

Disclaimer on Cronus website saying Cronus Zen is disabled after PS5 January 24 update

Now that players aren’t able to use the Cronus for an in-game advantage, we’re seeing reports of easier Warzone lobbies flooding in.

Are Lobbies Easier Without Cronus Users?

The evidence is entirely circumstantial, but several users believe that Warzone is now easier for PlayStation fans with the ban on Cronus Zen.

We imagine this is especially obvious for those with crossplay turned off on PS5, seeing as Xbox and PC players can still take advantage of the cheating tool.

We’ve seen more than a handful of users posting online, celebrating the fact that their enemies actually have recoil now.

“HUGE DIFFERENCE. Funny enough I also had my first win yesterday,” Reddit user SnooTigers8974 writes. “No wonder people were hating so much on all the AA+Cronus posts LMAO”

We think it’s quite likely that matchmaking hasn’t changed all too much in the days since the January 24 update. However, considering that we’ve seen Cronus Zen listings spike significantly on eBay, it’s clear that more than a few COD fans are affected!

For now, we can only hope that Xbox and PC players will be able to get similar Cronus Zen blocks in the future.

And while RICOCHET claims to ban the recoil-eliminating hardware, it seems Activision’s own anti-cheat could use an upgrade to compete with Sony’s software.

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