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Warzone Players Prefer Fortune’s Keep & Rebirth Island to Caldera

Most Warzone players actually prefer the smaller Battle Royale maps Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island to Caldera!

While Warzone started off as a large-scale Battle Royale experience, the game quickly got new maps. Starting off with the smaller Rebirth Island and, later, the tropical Caldera, the game has now had four maps, even if Vertdansk is long gone.

Of course, the latest Warzone map is the brand-new Fortune’s Keep which dropped as part of the Season 4 update that also made major changes to Caldera.

With now four different maps in the game, players have had many debates about which one is best. Luckily, YouTuber JGOD has got the opinion of fans in the form of a poll. Here are the results so far!

But first, here are the best Warzone Season 4 Loadouts:

Players Pick The Best Warzone Map – Caldera, Fortune’s Keep, or Rebirth Island

The brand-new Fortune’s Keep Warzone map has once again sparked debate about which one is best. Luckily YouTuber JGOD has made a poll to work out which one is best.

On Twitter, JGOD asked his fans two questions about the different Warzone maps. While the polls are still ongoing, over 10,000 players have responded so far.

At the time of writing, over 70% of players say that they prefer the small maps to Caldera. It’s not a surprise that the smaller maps have come out on top but I think the margin of victory is definitely unexpected.

JGOD also asked players whether they prefer Rebirth Island or the new Warzone map, Fortune’s Keep. These results are much closer.

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So far, out of the choice between Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, just over 53% of the players picked Fortune’s Keep. This is a surprise considering that campers are apparently ruining Fortune’s Keep.

However, Fortune’s Keep has loads of Easter Eggs to complete which players absolutely love. This would explain why it is even more popular than the previously fan-favorite Rebirth Island.

Is Fortune’s Keep your favorite Warzone? If you need some help deciding maybe check out this Fortune’s Keep vs Rebirth Island side-by-side comparison!

In other news, Rebirth Island is returning to Warzone soon! When it comes back, it will be rotating with Fortune’s Keep in playlists.

What’s more, the Rebirth of the Dead LTM will bring Zombies to Rebirth Island. Let’s hope it is as good as it sounds!

Finally, Verdansk will be returning to Warzone, according to an Activision employee. But do you want to see the classic map again?

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