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Warzone Players Want the Original Gulag to Make a Comeback

The original Warzone Gulag was one of the game’s most iconic locations – and fans want it back.

It should come as no shock to most players that the Warzone Gulag has changed. With the integration of Black Ops Cold War to Activision’s battle royale came a brand-new 1v1 experience.

But although fans were initially happy to see Nuketown come to Warzone, that excitement soon turned to disappointment.

gulag showers Warzone
(Source: Activision)

And now players are calling for the original Warzone Gulag to make its return. However, Dr Disrespect has some ideas to improve Warzone’s Gulag altogether.

Warzone’s New Nuketown Gulag Is Unfair

The reason that many Warzone players are calling for the return of the classic Gulag, is because the battle royale’s new arena is unfair.

Unlike the shower area where players used to duke it out, the Nuketown Gulag is asymmetrical. Because of this factor, fans believe that there’s an advantage to spawning at one side of the arena.

According to many players, being at the side nearest the car can lead to an easy headglitch, an area where the player can shoot their opponent despite being behind cover.

Nuketown Gulag Warzone
(Source: Activision)

What’s more, other players report that stun or flash grenades often hit spectators, leading to a hitmarker. Gulag fighters then risk the possibility of falsely believing that they’ve landed their stun on an enemy.

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Not everyone has issues with the new Gulag, however. Many fans believe the uneven nature of the arena makes for more interesting fights.

And if one side is always rushing the car, there’s always going to be a way to counter the strategy, be it a cooked grenade or climbing to high ground.

One major issue with the new area though is the crazy Warzone glitch that sends players to the Gulag with their loadout. Thanks to some strange issue with the battle royale, there’s a way to enter the 1v1 arena and interfere with ongoing fights.

Lately, Warzone hackers have been getting worse too, suggests new reports by fans. And at the same time, players are demanding that Warzone remove its Pay to Win skin from the game.

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