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Warzone Players Love the New Season 3 Balanced Meta

It’s one of those times where it’s just nice to enjoy Warzone again, as the meta appears balanced in Season 3.

Warzone is one of the most popular games in the world right now, with 100 million players logged to date. However, despite all the game’s innovations, it’s often just as flawed as it is great.

In the past, we’ve had absolutely broken Warzone metas that ruined the game for months on end. In fact, recently YouTube analyst JGOD said players should ‘expect to lose’ when not running the Warzone meta.

Warzone Season 3
(Source: Activision)

But after some careful reworks alongside a brand-new Warzone map variant, things are finally looking up. And now, Warzone players appear to love the new Season 3 balanced weapon meta.

Want to see what’s new for yourself? Check out the full Warzone Season 3 patch notes for all the details!

Warzone Season 3’s New Meta Balance

It appears that Raven Software is learning from its past mistakes with Warzone Season 3’s new weapon meta balancing.

After a detailed and thorough explanation of changes in the recent Season 3 patch notes, it really seems as though the developers are trying harder in this new update. In fact, right now, there are very few weapons seen as being overpowered in Warzone.

Players are happy to be able to use any gun that they feel like once again. And while there are definitely some weapons in Warzone Season 3 that are dominating, nothing feels overly broken.

“Yesterday I won a game with the Grau and the Mp7, two of my favorite guns,” Reddit user therealatuacota writes. “Last week this was impossible, at least for me. Good job with the gun balancing. The map is fine. The colors are fine. I’m having fun again with this game and to me that is a big W.”

Warzone Verdansk '84
(Source: Activision)

It’s true that last season alone we had the insane Sykov Akimbo meta, with half the TTK of the FFAR. But in what was probably the developer’s fastest change to date, the nerf hit the Sykov hard just days after release.

Users in the comments largely agree with the sentiment, praising the increase to overall Time to Kill.

“Last night we didn’t win a single game, but had so much more fun running all sorts of guns and having actual gunfights before dying,” j0nny27 reveals. “It’s a massive, massive improvement to the feel of the game increasing the TTK.”

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Warzone Season 3
(Source: Activision)

Interestingly, Warzone’s Time to Kill has halved since its launch one year ago. But now, it appears we’re finally in a stable place.

Let’s just hope that Raven Software knows what it’s doing and keeps things this way.

On top of the weapon balance, Warzone is also investing more resources in anti-cheat right now. And seeing as Warzone’s hacker infestation has long been the game’s biggest issue besides balance, things are definitely looking up.

But it’s not good news for all Call of Duty projects right now, it appears. After all, a new leak reveals that WW2 Vanguard may not release in 2021 after all.

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