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Warzone Players Get Killed By Underground Supply Choppers

Who knew that the Warzone supply choppers lived underground?

Supply choppers were introduced into Warzone as part of the Season 4 update. These heavily-armored helicopters drop some great loot when they’re shot down.

Being a flying vehicle, players would assume that the supply choppers would either fly into the map or take off from a helipad. However, this Warzone player learned where the choppers spawn the hard way.

Killed by Supply Choppers?

This player was instantly killed by a Warzone supply chopper emerging from the ground beneath him. He had no way of avoiding it as there was absolutely no indication the helicopter was right below him.

Although, an even stranger death happened in Warzone recently. An exploding Trophy System stole a win from an extremely unlucky player.

However, the supply chopper spawn doesn’t seem to be a glitch but more of a problem. Supply choppers have always spawned under the map in Warzone, but why?

This isn’t the only problem affecting vehicles in Warzone at the moment. This hilarious glitch makes Warzone players hear non-stop music as they run around Verdansk.

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Why Do Warzone Supply Choppers Spawn Underground?

It is unknown why supply choppers emerge from below the map when they could just fly in from the edge of the map like the dropship. This seems like an even stranger decision when you consider that the choppers can actually kill players if they’re in the wrong spot.

Raven could easily fix this issue by making the Warzone supply choppers spawn in the sky or fly in from the map’s edge. They could even make the choppers just pass through players until they reach the sky.

However, Raven has to deal with the rampant cheating in Warzone first. Warzone players claim that hacking is getting worse and want a fix soon.

Players are also demanding a return of the original Gulag in Warzone to replace the Nuketown Gulag. This should definitely take priority over the supply choppers spawning under the Warzone map.

Meanwhile, a Warzone streamer may have found a new way to get infinite stims without cheating.

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