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Warzone Players Are Risking Death to Kill Stim Glitch Exploiters

Heroic players have taken it upon themselves to fix the game. Their mission in Warzone is to kill stim glitch cheaters.

Players who have hopped into Warzone recently will have most likely come across a stim glitcher. Find out how Warzone players are getting infinite stims.

Having infinite stims allows players to stay in the gas forever. The cheaters can then exploit this to get easy wins.

This isn't the first time that an infinite stim glitch has affected Warzone so players are completely fed up with it now. This brave Warzone player even risked his own life to kill a stim glitch exploiter.

Warzone Kill Stim Glitch Exploiters

Heroic Warzone Player Kills Stim Glitcher

When heroic Warzone player Hurd saw his bounty target was in the gas, his mind was made up. He hopped in a truck and set off to find and kill the stim glitcher.

Speeding through the gas, Hurd spotted the stim glitcher and ran him over before heading straight back into the safe zone. Weaving through the tress, it looked like Hurd might not make it after his gas mask broke, but the hero made it.

The Reddit post has been upvoted over 12000 in time 12 hours so far and players are celebrating this selfless act. People in the replies are calling him a "legend" and thank him for "doing God's work" - we'd have to agree.

Hopefully Hurd's act of heroism will inspire more Warzone players to step forward and join the fight against stim glitchers.

Nqthan Reddit

No matter how much Warzone players try to make the game more fair for others, Activision still needs to fix a number of glitches.

Warzone players have been turning totally invisible using this new glitch. Other players have also found a new method to land quicker without pulling their parachutes.

Players have recently discovered a new method to manipulate Warzone SBMM to get easy lobbies.

Streamers have also come under fire for this like these two Warzone record breakers who were accused of cheating. Meanwhile, NICKMERCS has responded to cheating allegations of his own.

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