The Call of Duty community is known to have some pretty hot takes in general, and now Warzone players are sharing their most controversial opinions about the Battle Royale.

In a new discussion thread on the Call of Duty Warzone subreddit, fans put forward their lesser-voiced opinions about the game.

And while many of them are no surprise to hear, there are certainly some interesting Warzone hot takes showing their faces…

COD’s Hottest Takes

Here’s a breakdown of some of the hottest hot takes that the Warzone community had to share:

Cheating Isn’t Too Big a Problem

If you took every cheating claim at face value, you’d be led to believe that almost everyone was hacking in Warzone these days. However, user bluecordial_1 doesn’t think this is the case.

byu/tubbnugget from discussion

It’s certainly true that the number of blatant cheaters in Warzone has decreased since the days of Verdansk.

Before RICOCHET anti-cheat’s introduction, we remember that there was a time where it felt like every lobby had an obvious cheater in it – something that is now, thankfully, behind us.

However, we’re still seeing clips like this appearing on the Warzone subreddit almost daily.

Judging by the responses, this is certainly a hot take though. Many fans are insisting that cheaters are simply better at hiding their methods, with soft aim assist and wallhacks.

Others are once again talking about how aim assist on controller is the real cheating…

Aim Assist Conspiracy Theory

In recent weeks, we’ve seen non-stop complaints about aim assist in Warzone, and how controller players have an extreme advantage over mouse and keyboard users.

But this Warzone hot take is actually more of a conspiracy theory as to why aim assist feels so strong:

byu/tubbnugget from discussion

Less of a hot take, more of a theory, but certainly an interesting opinion to hold. Could Call of Duty have a strong aim assist function to help weaker players feel like they are only good at this particular shooter franchise?

Whatever the real reason, Activision certainly seems unwilling to tone down the feature.

And when moving from a game like COD to a shooter with less assistance, such as Apex Legends, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Was Verdansk Really Better Than Other Maps?

Back when Warzone launched in 2020, fans quickly fell in love with the game’s first Battle Royale map: Verdansk.

Then, after a year of playing on the same arena, fans were calling out non-stop for Activision to introduce a new map.

Warzone dropping into Verdansk

Well, we all know how that turned out. The disappointing Caldera, underrated Al Mazrah, and now brand-new Urzikstan are still not scratching the same itch as Verdansk for many players.

But this user’s hot take is that the love for Verdansk is not nostalgia-based:

byu/tubbnugget from discussion

Truth be told, we’re not sure whether Verdansk was simply a good map or fans just wish they were playing early Warzone with all their friends during lockdown again.

But we’re certain that when Verdansk does return, seemingly with next year’s Call of Duty release, it won’t recapture the magic that it had the first time around.

PC Cross-Play Was A Bad Idea

This is one that’s certainly a hot take. Was cross-play a mistake altogether?

In the past, Call of Duty has always been far more popular on console, leading to PC lobbies becoming a ghost town after a while. So why is this user so against cross-play with PC?

byu/tubbnugget from discussion

Well, the fact of the matter is that PC players have an inherent advantage over console users, thanks to the hardware limitations of even current-gen consoles.

Higher frame rates, wide-screen resolutions, and almost too many graphical settings are all available on PC – as well as the ability to install cheating software with ease.

Yes, there’s something to be said about keyboard and mouse not being as effective as controller thanks to aim assist… but PC players can use controller too!

Unfortunately for both sides, fans have been complaining about forced cross-play for some time now, to no avail.

It seems that Activision believes that the feature is healthy for the game, whether this opinion is a hot take or not.

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