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Warzone Players Hate the New AUG Meta, But How Overpowered is it?

Warzone players have taken to Reddit to complain about the new AUG meta. But is the gun overpowered?

Warzone is always about getting the win, so players will do anything they can to get an advantage. This includes picking the “meta”, or most powerful weapon.

Players have recently flocked to the Cold War version of the AUG as they believe it is the new meta weapon in Warzone. However, is the AUG overpowered or just good?

best AUG setup

Is the AUG Overpowered in Warzone?

Warzone fans on Reddit have been debating whether they like the new AUG meta or not.

The AUG has become extremely powerful recently. This is because of a secret Agency Suppressor buff for Cold War guns in Warzone.

Poster ‘longdistamce’ is not a fan of the new AUG meta in Warzone and prefers how Warzone was a few weeks ago. Warzone was the most balanced it has ever been and players could use loads of weapons, however, the AUG seems to have changed that again.

He also says that the AUG “destroys people”, even if it isn’t as good as the DMR meta. This was the last truly overpowered gun in Warzone and the DMR had to be nerfed multiple times to balance the game again.

aug-cold war-warzone

However, many players disagree and think that the current meta in Warzone is fine. This is because the AUG isn’t anywhere near as dominant as past overpowered guns in Warzone.

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One commenter said that “the AUG is good but it still sucks long range and gets beaten by many SMGs < 25m”. Therefore, it’s fair to say that even if the AUG is a meta weapon in Warzone, it probably isn’t way too powerful.

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longdistamce Reddit – Warzone AUG Meta

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