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Warzone Players Hate Resurgence Extreme Game Mode on Rebirth Island

These are the reasons why Warzone players hate the new Resurgence Extreme game mode.

Resurgence was possibly the most popular game mode ever added to Warzone. However, this new version of it could be the worst.

It was added in the huge Season 2 update for Warzone to a lot of hype. However, players are very disappointed.

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Why Do Warzone Players Hate Resurgence Extreme?

Players loved the original Resurgence game mode in Warzone as it made for fast-paced action on the smaller Rebirth Island map. However, Warzone players absolutely hate the new Resurgence Extreme mode for a number of reasons.

Maybe Warzone fans will prefer the other new game mode, Exfiltration. Check out our guide to the new Warzone Season 2 game modes.

Resurgence Extreme Has Too Many Players

The main problem with Resurgence Extreme is that there are simply too many players. It has 90 players on a very small map, which is double the standard Resurgence mode.

This leads to a number of other frustrating problems which makes the Extreme version of Resurgence game mode almost unplayable.

Players had already demanded that Raven put Resurgence back in the game, so why did they take it out again in favor of this mode that players hate?

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Not Enough Ammo

Even if a Warzone player is lucky enough to get a weapon in Resurgence Extreme, they won’t have ammo for very long. The amount of players leads to more gunfights and that means more ammo is used.

Therefore, there is barely any ammo on the map after a few minutes.

Impossible to Get Loadout Drops

Finally, the map is too crowded for anyone to pick up their loadout drops. At least players aren’t getting loadout crates dropping in the sea any more.

Not being able to pick up loadout drops is a huge problem for two reasons.

Firstly, players are forced to use bad ground loot weapons, which could also have very little ammo. Secondly, not being able to get to their loadout makes the ammo shortage even worse as players can’t pick up a weapon with the fully loaded perk.

Warzone Plunder

If you haven’t updated your loadouts fro Season 2 then what are you waiting for?

Also, check out all of the complaints players have about Warzone’s Resurgence Extreme mode below.

DantheMan224 Reddit

Meanwhile, Warzone players have taken to Reddit to demand for a firing range to be added. This would help players test all of the new weapons added in Warzone Season 2.

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